Obituary for Dr. Steven George Greene


Dr. Steven George Greene, age 69, of Lake Mary, Florida, has joined the angels in Heaven. He brightened and blessed the earth in Vallejo, California in 1953. He was beloved by all who knew him as “Doc,” “Dr. G” and “Dr. Steve.” Steve’s profound and passionate love for Jesus Christ was evidenced throughout his life as a Pastor, Professor, Publisher, Author, Marketer and Business Owner.

Curvy Lines

Curvy Lines

The quote and the core of the review reminded me of the question, “Is management a science or an art?” Scholars and practitioners seemed to settle that issue many years ago with the answer, “Management is science with art.”

Robert J. Morgan

What Government Said About the Bible

I had the privilege to interview Robert J. Morgan last week in our studio. His grandson Luke was with him, and we had a divine appointment to discuss his new book, The Jordan River Rules. My time with Morgan propelled me back into his bestselling book, 100 Bible Verses That Made America. When I first began to read …

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Jospeh Mattera

Burning in the Spirit

In Joseph Materra’s book, The Jesus Principles, he asks seven questions to help readers determine if their walk with God is fully directed or set adrift. Because I feel the book makes a powerful impact on living and working in the presence of the Lord, I felt it important to review Materra’s questions in serial format for readers and podcast listeners of Greenelines. This is part two in the series. For part one, click here.

Jospeh Mattera

Are You Drifting?

Sometimes we all feel as though we are drifting through our work, our relationships and our spiritual walk. Some of us haven’t recovered from the multiple impacts caused by COVID.

Things simply feel harder. Progress comes with more struggles, more effort and many more distractions. Some days, it just feels as though we are tied by a leash.

Why We Must Be Intentionally Intergenerational in Ministry

Why We Must Be Intentionally Intergenerational in Ministry

It was only a five-minute encounter. But that brief meeting changed my life.

I’ve written before about Dr. Charles Green and what I now know was our divine appointment. It happened when his son Michael and I, both 17-year-old high school seniors, made a quick stop by the Word of Faith Temple. Our choir would soon sing in the church’s huge auditorium, and our music teacher sent us to work out a performance detail.

Dr. Dick Eastman

Prayer Binge

I don’t pray enough.

I came to this startling conclusion after a recent binge-watching experience. There was nothing wrong with the show, but there was plenty wrong with how much time I frittered away—even while producing content on my laptop through the entire series.

But this behavior did not cause conviction until my recent Greenelines interview with Dr. Dick Eastman. He is the international president of Every Home for Christ, a ministry that has planted over 4.7 billion gospel messages home to homes worldwide since 1946, resulting in over 243 million follow-up decision cards and responses.

Foolish Obedience with Donna Sparks

Foolish Obedience

It seems so long ago that my wife and I ministered in parking lots in the Baton Rouge area with our newly launched church. At age 19, married and on fire for Jesus, we joined a church team and spent Saturdays asking grocery shoppers if they knew Jesus. There, God taught me many lessons that still bear powerful fruit.

How We Must Depend on Holy Spirit to Tame Our Tongues

The first step to understanding why we do what we don’t want to do begins with probing the root cause of the behavior.

Most of us exercise regular opportunities to repent from spreading a story we heard about a friend, neighbor or colleague. As we toss and turn in bed, trying to understand why our tongue betrayed us, answers evade us, and we pray for strength to do better tomorrow.

The Key Element That Can Preserve the Unity of Christ

The Key Element That Can Preserve the Unity of Christ

We make a subtle choice when we enter a meeting. We choose unity or division by our words and body language.

Pause for a moment to consider how Christ would join our meeting. We don’t have to stretch too far to understand the impact of that que