Samuel Rodriguez Provides Pandemic Prescription

Written by Dr. Steve Greene on December 1, 2020

As COVID-19 continues to tighten its grip on personal freedom throughout the world, many people are living in survival mode.

In my recent interview with Pastor Sam Rodriguez, he deployed a biblical metaphor to describe our plight. He said, “Every single person on this planet is either in Egypt, the desert or the promised land. The majority of people do not die in Egypt. They die in the desert, in failure mode. The vast majority of people never make it out of the desert; they die in survival mode.”

In his new book, From Survive to Thrive, Rodriguez writes a prescription to escape the desert and move on to the promised land.

“Survivors pray, ‘Lord, bless me,’ while thrivers pray, ‘Lord make me a blessing,'” Rodriguez said. “Survivors constantly pray, ‘Lord, answer my prayers,’ while thrivers pray, ‘Lord, make me the answer to someone else’s prayer.’

“There is a clear difference between survivors and thrivers,” he said. “It’s so powerful and transformational. The moment we embrace it, we will never be the same again.”

There comes a time when we all must realize we are our own worst enemy. We make hard days harder and minimize good days. Our self-limiting thoughts corral our hope.

Rodriguez said, “You are your own lid, the primary lid. All other lids have been addressed. Every lid that comes from the pit of hell, Christ took care of through the cross and Resurrection. We are perfectly victorious through Christ, in Christ, and with Christ over all things and circumstances. That victory is perfect in Christ.”

“So, who’s our lid?” he asked. “The man in the mirror. It’s the way you’re thinking, your way of believing. Are you driven by what you see rather than what you believe? The moment your belief system lines up with God’s Word, the lid is removed and you will do nothing less than thrive.” he said.

Pastor Sam’s prescription has unlimited refills. Listen to the entire episode of Greenelines featuring our Spirit-filled conversation at this link.